Hen Party Male Strippers 

Hire a male stripper for your next bachelorette party, birthday party and any other surprise party event.  Our service is a direct booking with the male dancer so you pay half the price of a national brand and get the same great party experience. We offer a great time with a experienced male exotic dancer who knows how to put on a great party and read the crowd. 

Who is this for?

This booking is for a bachelorette party or any other type of celebration that involves girls or ladies night where they group wants to see male entertainment.  The age group can range from 18 - 65 and all types of people book a dancer for all types of reason. Sometimes travelors come to the city and want to book a male stripper and we are also hear to service their party.  If this is your first time that is fine or if it is your 20th time seeing a dancer we can put on a show stopping performance as well.  Here are a list of reason people book a male stripper: birthday, divorce, graduation, college, travel, bridal shower, girls night out, costume theme and many other reason as well. 

Our normal price is being waived for a summer - fall opening special of for 1 booking of a male stripper. The exotic dancer will perform for 1 hour more or less and put on the best show possible. In order to book a performer you need to call us at we just need to exchange some simple details for the show to happen. The easy part about it is the phone agent is very friendly, we are willing to work with you, if there is a surprise we can help in the coodination and we want you to have the best experience possible.  After the booking the male dancer will show up on time to your party and try to meet all of your expectations to put on a great party.  During the party, after the party and prebooking your male strippers booking should go very smoothly.  

Pretty much all male stripper agency are basically the same and sometime you book the same guy at different websites. Most use stock photos and there is no way to book the same guy in Texas and Myrtle Beach, SC. Also there are companies who use multiple websites with different people answering the phone but it is the same male reuve or the male strip club is advertised just to book a private party. Our hook is to offer you a male stripper at half the price and try to be as straight forward as possible. We offer a fun time, easy booking and great experience. Our dancers dont show faces for work related reasons but you can ask for a photo.

Hire male strippers for a great time with a ripped, chisled, experienced male stripper with a party for of tricks stunts and a lot more. We want to give you the hottest party possible for your bachelorette party. We can be found on google by looking up male strippers and in your search or by looking for entertainment for your bachelorette party.  If you cannot find a male stripper at the last minute try calling us as well so we can get you booked.  No strings attached bookings where you hire a male stripper, get a dancer and move on after your party.

It is always going to be hard to find a dedicated male strip club because they do not exist be aware well pitched schemes a night clubs with male revues. You may get a brand posing as a male strip club but it is just a male revue who uses the bar before it opens for business most likely. Most parties will see a dancer via a private show which is always better and more personal because the event is private. Some will go to a male revue or male strip club but they are not the male revues of the past, since BRANDS have taken them over instead of being dancer organized, you get a water downed burlesque act with guys who practiced in sync similar to a boy band vs a good ole fashion stripper show full of action and crazy excitement.

Normally the draw like I mentioned  above is the draw of something different. Instead of the clingy egotastically hero, they get a  care free guy on the move with no attachements and he knows his purpose. The guys purpose for them is to put on a great show and the people in the audience feel the same, something to enjoy and forget. The draw is in the random  moment in time of will this be a great experience or boring and dull who know. Everyone is looking for the crazy thing  event moment before the wedding day put it is more of a thought really.  Wihout talking about cheating and just seeing some eye candy and lots of wild fun, these moments can happen before during or after the big day. Just like hordes of men want to see a female stripper , the same goes for brides to be and their flock. A fantastic dancer that will knock the socks off of any party he entertains for cannot compete with marketing teams and people seasoned in bringing in business with their connections.

The funniest, best, most awkward or Hottest part of you do I need a stripper journey is when he or they arrive. Did he pass the eye test when he walked in the door? It is ok because you never know and the eye test maybe a lie or the whole truth who knows yet. Once the music start and he dances for the song then you right away if you are getting a great show or something else. Being a dancer I have seen guys stepping into a party doing backflips and sommersaults or running in a frenzy blowing a whistle like they are in a dungeon wearing black leather with chains and a mask. I think newer guys fall into the trap of only doing lap dances for a party because their creativity has not reach a height yet where they can do more.  There are all sorts and types of guys but all in all they all do the same moves if physically able, the difference will always be the how, timing and presence in the music they choose. I like to dance sexy even if I am or not LOL but some people like to play rock and roll or country during their acts, i don't know, if you can make that work then go for it. Getting back to the bachelorette or host perspective of choosing a dancer, unless you have a reference then you dont know until he dances but try you best to make the best of it. At the end the party makes the show and never the dancer.