Charleston 10 Best ideas for Bachelorette Parties

Isle of Palms or Folly Beach - Great places to tan and relax

Historic Tours - Hire a guide to walk you around town

Fort Sumter - You will need transportation and a ferry to get there but worth it.

The Aquarium - Who does not like to see wildlife

Patriots Point - Historic site of a carrier

Charleston City Market - Don't spend to much it is made for tourist but a must stop

Charter Boat - So many charter boats exist, just pick one

RainBow Row - I shoud not have added this, everyone already knows

Book a performer any type - Book a dancer for some late night fun

Hire a Chef - Instead of the fancy resturant, get a pro cook to show you the ropes.

Working out - I am not sure about this one but I see parties doing it, shouldn't this be fun