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What is a Hen Party ?

A hen party or a bachelorette party in the United States, is a pre-wedding event held in honor of a bride-to-be. It's organized by the bride's mates and  bridesmaids, or family members as a way to honor the bride's upcoming marriage and to give her a rememberable time and enjoyable experience before she gets married.

The goal of a hen party is to have a memorable and fun experience for the bride to be, allowing her to relax, have fun, and bond with her closest mates before her wedding day. It's worth noting that the feeling and tone of a hen party can vary based on ethnicity,  personal preferences, and the likes or dislikes

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Who to invite to a Hen Party

Deciding who to invite to a bachelorette party can depend on lots of factors, including the bride's choices, the size of the celebration, and the relationships between the bride and her tribe and family.

For bachelorettes across the USA or Hen Party to do list on travel, what is there to do. There is a draw to bachelorette party that visits the many towns on their girls bacheloertte weekend desiring to do all that make the bride happy. People from small cities and big cities travel to these destination cities for a getaway and to be free of the home town feel? How about Orlando with its Disney theme parks and other attracts, Miami beach, NYC downtown, Austin ranches, Las Vegas lights or Music City Nashville. All these towns have huge lots of travelers for bachelorette parties and I bet the side gig can turn into a full time job in these locations. I would bet that most girl gang travleors need a little excitement to go with the travel time. 

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The key is to create a positive and fun atmosphere for the bride, surrounded by people she likes and who contribute to her happiness. It's a great idea to communicate openly with the bride about her preferences and beliefs for the hen party list to ensure that the event has her wishes.

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How to make your hen party the most special is tottally dependent upon the bride first and the rest of the party 2nd. It is a reason to bring the gang together for the Bride to be and it needs to be made sure that everything is in her favor. Except for the crazy surprises everything should be ran by her and if she is not into the surprise, then send the surprise away as well to make her happy.

Some Fabulous Hen Party Ideas

Last Fling Before the ring

Ever wanted to learn the skill? I use to think that Male strippers has a certain draw, getting a male stripper to come and perform a male strip show is different and the men they date are the opposite personality.  This is one of the things on a Hen party to do list for or could be. Hen party use dancers, drag queens and stage dancers to entertain themselve on their weekend adventure. Picking a dancer is rather easy and if you got this far then you decided that you do need a male stripper. Most national brands will have you go through there booking app and local dancers will have you pay them at the door.  

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