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Charleston Self Guided Bar Crawl for Bachelorettes

Before you do the private bar crawl  or the guided tour through Charleston South Carolina, try something different instead. How about you set the destiny of your tribe and hire who you want. Private crawls or tours are a business plan aimed at Charleston bachelorette travelors and ONLY partners are on their tour.  Try a different route then the  other bachelorette parties who visit Charleston who have the same photos and went to the same locations. 

This page is to entice you from going the route everyone else does and because there maybe better options than what you get locked into on your tour. Remember that all night time pub crawl will be on King Street and you have a 1-3 mile walk to cover of bar and resturants, if partying downtown Charleston is your thing.  You will 100% end up at the same places and venues as the  pub crawl tour would of taken you but at your own pace and without  any agendas.

Not only for traveling Charleston Bachelorette Parties this can cover Birthday parties, divorce parties or party meetups. 

Bar Crawls Charleston Checklist

Bachelorette Pub Crawl Self Guided

Charleston bachelorettes walking downtown Charleston, SC  is a common occurence and if your  always going to see a few.  Espcecially during the weekend  you can find the matching outfits and the one gal in white or tribes strolling  down Rainbow Row.  Charleston is one of the hottest cities on  the list when it comes to where  to travel for  the last fling before the ring.

Charleston bachelorette  of the past and future know the city for its beautiful beaches, historic tours and lively bar scene.  Let  us no forget the memorable places to take photos like alley ways or pineapple fountaines. I want to give you a self guided  list from the Charleston things to do list to the Charleston Bachelorette bar crawl scene.  The is a guide  is being written for 2024  but  part of 2023 as well.  Charleston stays the same for the most part but the businesses sure do come and go or have name changes quite often

Instead of the normal bachelorette party guide booking or Charleston event planning a self guided tour where you hire who you want is a option. Why you ask, it is not a list fill of business deals, handshakes and relationships where you go on the same trail as the last 100 bachelorette parties but you this self booked tour guide and Charleston pub crawl to choose your own destiny. The best option is a opinion and never really a fact.


Ready to start the crawl?

Don't crawl with me and anyone else, just round it the gang, grab your best walking shoes and get ready to stroll the strip of the best drinking pubs and bars that in on King Strett. Since we are having a crawl here the best option is to stay on one street and in small walking range instead of going out of the way.

Whats on the tour?

This is a easy question but can have a few routes.  I am mainly going to stick to a bar crawl list but here are a few other ideas.

-- Historic walks and rides in Charelston SC
--Popular resturants
--Special eateries and deserts
--Cusotmizable routes just for bar or are we eating?
--Keeping the route in walking distance for the crawl

Charleston bar crawl self guided alley image

What to do for the bar crawls, entertainment and more?

Without a pause let us go ahaead and get the self guided tour going. You dont need a tour guide or be on someone elses crawl full. Remeber that you are missing out on other businesses, vendors and entertainers they are not partnered or working with. There is more than one restarant, bar, nightclub, male strip show, drag show and other types of fun you are looking for on your visit.

Self Guided Bar Crawl Information

This pub crawl is all at your own discretion and time. Since your not locked into a group your business is earned and not a expectation that you show up because you on the list. The best part is when your tired of it, you dont miss out on anything extra you paid for.

Skip the Pub Crawl in 2024

Pub Crawl Bachelorettes Charleston
Bachelorette bar crawl Charelston SC waiting for the parties to happen.

Some other Fabulous Hen Party Ideas unrelated to bar crawl
Other Charleston Bachelorette Options

The entertainment for your bachelorette parties Charleston South Carolina
Last Fling Before the ring

How to make your hen party the most special is totally dependent upon the bride first and the rest of the party 2nd when it comes to the extra entertainment. Instead of what most bachelorette parties get stuck with on bar crawls what about heading back home and letting the entertainement come to you.

For one fee of 200$ you get your entertainment. Other events charge 35$ to $50 a person which can add up quick with a party of 10 or more.  at 8443262370 for bachelorette party

Their are all kinds of water downed unusal ideas primarily aimed at bachelorettes paries on the private bar crawls like a burlesque, pole, classes, butler, queens, bartender or server but they are just replacing the traditional thing to do really because of the verbiage.  Just hire a traditional service for more fun.